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Radio-Controled Dredgers

DRP radio-controlled dredgers are the ideal solution for all situations where the operators’ health must be safeguarded.

DRP remote controlled dredgers are available in different versions and can mount a wide range of electric pumps.

They are easily operated thanks to the remote control and the numerous control tools available according to the specific needs of the application.

Its small size and ease of assembly make it possible to use DRP in industrial basins, mining ponds and harbours.

Radio-controlled dredges are also available in the automated variant: thanks to a convenient software it is possible to operate the dredger remotely and check its operating status in real time.

Maximum capacities of DRP

  • DRP18: up to EL20SS pump size
  • DRP35: up to hasta EL35HC pump size
  • DRP60: up to EL60S pump size
  • DRP120: up to EL1204HH pump size
  • DRP150: up to EL300 pump size