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Olive input into the mill

  • Cleansing and weight control.
  • Minimising the time in the open hoper to preserve the organoleptic characteristics.

Paste preparation prior to oil extraction

Pomace preparation prior to second extraction:

  • Pomace preparation at a temperature between 30ºC and 40ºC.
  • Water supply , if required, depending on paste textureconditions.

Olive oil production:

  • Olive oil paste conveying with TecamySer® IBER pump.
  • Solid-liquid split in two stages.
  • Solid-liquid split flowing from the olive paste spinning.
  • Decanting.
  • Filtration.
  • Oil mill flows transfer.
  • Extra virgin olive oil storage.

Output monitoring

  • Manufacturing of BIO fertilizers with fly larvae (maggots).
  • Production of fat proteins and animal feed.
  • Olive Stone for biomass.

application examples

Olive Oil Mass Transfer

FDAG Stator

Our firm commitment in research, development and innovation has resulted in this food grade pump. It includes FDAG elastomer compounds, meeting FDA regulations, which our clients praise for its innovative design lasting longer in abrasive applications.

Olive Oil Handling

Minimum Maintenance

This pump can run at 1,400 rpm and offers a minimum maintenance with its four simple wear parts.

The free stator design produces lower friction between stator and rotor and avoids stator shear from occurring. This technology with lower starting torque prevents the stator and rotor from getting blocked even after multiple starts and stops.

Wobble Stator Pumps available up to 14,000 l/h @ 1 bar.