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The DRF series consists of three models of versatile and economical mini dredgers.

The DRF series is our answer to a more and more widespread need in the market: that of being able to have small pontoons, very easy to carry and assemble, with a reduced cost.

Available in five versions (DRF10, DRF30, DRF50, DRF80 and DRF100), they can mount pumps onto the Tecamyser® Dragflow EL1204 model.

  • DRF30: up to EL12.5SS pump size
  • DRF50: up to EL20SS pump size
  • DRF80: up to EL35S pump size
  • DRF100: up to EL1204 pump size

Main characteristics

  • Ultra-compact dimensions: they can be transported and assembled simply. Totally dismountable and easy to reassemble.
  • Thanks to the small draft they can also be used in shallow basins.
  • Easily customizable according to specific customer requests.