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Centrifugal Fibreglass Pumps

Centrifugal Fibreglass Pumps

Max. Flow: 900 m3/h.

Max. Height: 85 mwc.

In compliance with ANSI/ASME B73.1.

Most common applications: marine applications, industrial purification, chemical plants.

This chemical and mechanical resistant range is the technical and financial alternative to metallic pumps made of special alloys.

Available in both configurations: monoblock, which is more compact and economic or bearing housing with semi elastic coupling.

Casings manufactured in FRP (thermo stable resins reinforced with fibreglass). No protections or metallic reinforcements are requested.

Chemical liquids, sea waterStandard vinyl ester resin compound
Abrasive liquidsVinyl ester resin compound
Bleaches applicationsVinyl ester resin compound
Hydrofluoric applicationsVinyl ester resin compound