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Food & Beverage

TecamySer®´s pumps are well established in several processing industries such as: olive oil, oenological, sugar, honey, meat, fish, fruits and cereals.

 Helical pumps: are used to dose and pump medium-high viscosity products, including non-Newtonians, generally non homogenous containing diluted gases, solid particles and/or fibres that cannot be emulsified or that can become foamy if shaken.

Diaphragm pumps FDA: manufactured in AISI 316 o PTFE, this range is specifically design for the industry with the most demanding hygienic requests such as: cosmetics, pharma and food & beverage.

 Metering pumps: are known for their flow reliability and precision of the up to +-1 % guaranteeing linearity, repeatability and accuracy. The product is transferred under time control systems.

Sanitary centrifugal pumps: this EHEDG certified range fits each application need.

Air compressors: Compair Screw Compressors and Hydrovane blade compressors will provide your company the best choice for your applications.

Barrel pumps: helical pumps with vertical configuration to empty or fill barrels or containers. Dosing version available. Hygienic version for food & beverage, cosmetics and pharma also available.

If you need further information, please download our sectoral catalogue.

application examples

Juice Transfer

Patented Joint®

This novel joint has been granted a patent because of the tested longer life of its components. It also includes wear resistant coupling rod bushes as standard and minimum deformation hardening that guarantees a high precision clearance. The conical design of the body minimizes the pump´s NPSH and eases suction.

Tomato Transfer

Reinforced Bearings Module

This pump configuration offers an innovative and reinforced bearings module, with double row conical roller bearings. This module is available even after the investment stage for heavy duty applications with many starts & stops. This advantage will appeal, in particular, to those customers who value an easy maintenance by replacing the drive with an elastic coupling.

Pumping of Pitted Grapes

Helical Pump with Oenological Hopper

Its main features are its oversized hopper and a very robust conveyer that ease the intake of the vintage. Our patented joint is protected against product exposure inside the conveyer. The dismountable cone between hopper and stator eases the maintenance.

Olive Oil Mass Transfer

FDAG Stator

Our firm commitment in research, development and innovation has resulted in this food grade pump. It includes FDAG elastomer compounds, meeting FDA regulations, which our clients praise for its innovative design lasting longer in abrasive applications.

Olive Oil Handling

Minimum Maintenance

This pump can run at 1,400 rpm and offers a minimum maintenance with its four simple wear parts.

The free stator design produces lower friction between stator and rotor and avoids stator shear from occurring. This technology with lower starting torque prevents the stator and rotor from getting blocked even after multiple starts and stops.

Wobble Stator Pumps available up to 14,000 l/h @ 1 bar.