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TecamySer® supplies pumps specially designed for the wine-making sector of the XXI century. They ease its process and their maintenance.

After harvesting, the selected grapes are de-stemmed (or not), crushed and pressed. TecamySer® wine-making Baco pump from 5 yo 120 tones per hour (higher capacities also available upon request)  conveys the pumped fluid gently and with minimal handling. It is subject to a much lower tensile stress than in other pulsation-free pumping systems for heterogeneous products such as pomace as well as crushed and de-stemmed grapes. This protects the organoleptic conditions in the following wine-making stages.

The next stage is pre-fermentation and lasts up to two days when the sugar becomes alcohol. Maceration and fermentation follows during several more weeks as the crushed and de-stemmed grapes (including their skin) are kept in stainless steel tanks before being moved into the hydraulic or pneumatic press. TecamySer® pumps transfer the wine and pomace through these de-vatting (or délestage) stages to reach the second fermentation for some wine types.

The second fermentation (or malolactic fermentation) turns malic acid into lactic acid. The wine is moved to new or semi-new casks made of French or American oak. This sets the vintage of the wine and can last between 10 and 25 months. Each wine variety ages in individual casks and is then bottled with minimal handling and filtration.


The range of TecamySer® pumps provides the best solutions throughout the whole wine-making process. They are bespoke for each stage, from unloading the harvest at the outset to the filtering and bottling, concluding the wine-making elaboration process and each stage transfer in between.



TecamySer® wine-making Baco pump suitable for conveying crushed grapes with or without the stems or fermented high solid content grape pomace. This model includes a large eccentric hopper and is mounted on an integrated trolley. It includes the protection for the gearbox, level sensors to activate the frequency converter and the safety grid. Its design eases its cleaning, even along the seal area. An eccentric design for its outlet flange has been also considered. More information.

TecamySer® wine-making Kefir pump designed and manufactured to be EHEDG and 3A compliant. The strictest hygienic norms for the most prestigious wines. It is also used for pumping over during the process. More information.

TecamySer® Hidra helical self-priming pumps are the most compact and easy maintenance solution for solids free and low viscous fluids. More information.



TecamySer®Metering SMART S pump dose some additives when time control is a priority. In this industry, they are used with enzymes, catalyst and sulphurous, for fermentation. More information.

Barrel TecamySer® helical pumps: with vertical configuration to empty or fill barrels, casks or containers. Hygienic versions for food & beverage are available. More information.


Please ask our experienced engineers about any other specific application you require on oficinatecnica@tecamyser.com.

application examples

Pumping of Pitted Grapes

Helical Pump with Oenological Hopper

Its main features are its oversized hopper and a very robust conveyer that ease the intake of the vintage. Our patented joint is protected against product exposure inside the conveyer. The dismountable cone between hopper and stator eases the maintenance.