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Dredging Pumps

Our dredging pumps may solve a problem where other technologies have failed. Our technicians assess each problem individually to offer a solution.

Our sludge submersible pumps with an agitator for abrasive applications are market leaders due to their resilience. Hence, they are important allies in the industry and the mining sectors.


Technical features


Alto rendimiendo mecánico y volumétrico de las bombas helicoidales

Pumps with an inbuilt agitator on a short, robust and reversible shaft. This often doubles the working life of our pumps compared to other submersible pumps.


Ventajas técnicas de las bombas helicoidales

Heavy duty sealing with multiple lip seals or special mechanical seals.


Mantenimiento simplificado de las bombas helicoidales


Adjustable wear rings.


Configuración bomba helicoidal


Outstanding resilience against abrasion.


Mantenimiento simplificado de las bombas helicoidales


Very low motor speed and high service factor.


Configuración bomba helicoidal


Up to 60 % solid material