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Dredger Accessories

Independent power (DRP, DRH, DRSP, DRM)

Hydraulic or electric power, depending on the model, moves the dredger autonomously until it is secured at its operating location.



It locates the dredger at any time and ensures comprehensive dredging of the selected area.


Bathymetry system (DRP, DRH, DRSP, DRM)

It measures how deep the sediment lies and enables the operators to produce a bathymetric map of the selected area. This optimises dredging operational planning.


Flowmeter system (DRH, DRSP, DRM)

The electromagnetic flowmeter supplies ongoing flow measurements.  When combining these measurements with those from the densimeter, the operating engineer can calculate the volume of material removed.


Densimeter system (DRH, DRSP, DRM) 

It provides density measurements in real time from the output pipe of any type of solids. The densimeter system uses ultrasonic technology specifically designed for dredging and mineral applications. Our dredging systems do not use radioactive densimeters.


Remote control operation (DRP, DRH)

DRP and DRH remote controlled dredges are available in different versions to reduce the operational risks for the operating engineers.

The radio-controlled dredges are also available in the automated variant: thanks to a convenient software it is possible to operate the dredger remotely and check its operating status in real time.


Electrical generating sets (DRP, DRH)

Tecamyser® can also supply Electrical generating sets for electric dredging systems.


Telemetry system -4G Telemetry systems for remote access to dredger data-

This system permits remote access to relevant data for an effective and efficient project management. The relevant data may include GPS location, bathymetry, densimetry and other important data.