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Self-Priming Pumps

Self-Priming Pumps

Max. Flow: 50 m3/h.

Max. Height: 28 mwc.

Suction. Height: up to 6 mwc.

Density: up to 2 kg/dm3.

Minimum NPSH: 3 m.

Usual applications: sulphuric acid 98%, hydrochloric 33% nitric, phosphoric, acid and sodium hypochlorite.

Its specific configuration with the patented radial biphasic impeller enables pumping with a suction height up to 6 mwc.

Sealing in solid materials such as: PP, PVC and PVDF.

Manufactured in:

  • PP+V (PP reinforced with fibreglass).
  • PVDF.
  • E+CTFE +C.
  • With mechanical sealing they are manufactured in PP, PVC and PVDF.

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