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Cable Dredgers

DRH cable dredgers are ideal for works in inaccessible places such as artificial reservoirs and mining basins.

The DRH series cable dredgers are available in different versions and can mount a wide range of hydraulic pumps. Each pump can be equipped with accessories such as side excavators or  dredging head.

They can be easily operated by a single operator thanks to advanced control tools available according to the specific needs of the application.

Easy to transport and assemble, they can reach the most remote places.

The ability to remove even the most difficult sediments at high depth makes them particularly suitable for dredging dams, mining basins and harbours.

Cable dredgers are also available in an electric version.

  • Maximum capacities of DRH
  • DRH85: up to HY85HC pump size
  • DRH85/160: up to HY85/180HC pump size
  • DRH300: up to HY300HC pump size
  • DRH400: up to HY400HC pump size
  • DRH600: up to HY600HC pump size