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Water Cycle

Feeding sewage into different stages of the water treatment plant including, silo, spin, digester, filter press, recirculation and polyelectrolyte dosing. Our lengthy experience and wide range of products enable us to offer the best solution for this sector´s needs.

Helical pumps for dewatered sewage: TecamySer®´s Triton pump has a robust configuration with oversized hopper is a technology reference for pumping high dryness products such as dewatered sewage and biomass.

Helical pumps for sewage: TecamySer®´s Iber pump for feeding sewage into the decanter or any other water tretment process complies with the API676 standard (American Petroleum Institute), which guarantees less production stops.

Helical pumps for polyelectrolyte dosing: TecamySer®´s Hidra pump with wobble stator minimize the maintenance of the groups. It is the choice for oils and polyelectrolyte dosing.

TecamySer® Vertical Pump: TecamySer® vertical pumps are customized to fit the depth of the installation.

Submersible water treatment pumps: TecamySer®´s range of this type of pumps offers a practical and efficient design. The range´s installed power covers from 18.5 to 95 kW.

Plastic centrifugal pumps, with all its components built in thermoplastic materials resistant to chemical products. Also available in fibreglass.

Metering pumps for the injection of reactive productsTecamySer®´s metering pumps are known for their flow reliability and precision of the up to +-1 % guaranteed linearity and consistency. The product is transferred under a time control system.

Activated Carbon Filter: TecamySer® supplies activated carbon filters for use in public water supplies meeting the UNE EN12915 norm requirements.

Air diffusers: the diffusers range is available for new projects design and for the diffusers replacements.

Polymer Preparation Systems: TecamySer®´s technical office has lengthy experience, which together with our wide range of Polymer Preparation Stations in powder, emulsion or mixed format.

Air compressorsthe ranges of CompAir Screw Compressors and Hydrovane blade compressors will provide your company the best choice for your applications.

If you need further information, please download our sectoral catalogue.

application examples

Dewatered Sewage Transfer

Less production stops

This pump requires minimum maintenance. Its hardened stainless steel rotor with induction deep treatment and its patented joint® are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Its rubber sleeve is totally protected inside the conveyer avoiding any exposure to the product. Its dismountable cone between hopper and stator eases its maintenance.

Polyelectrolyte Dosing

Wobble Stator Pumps available up to 14,000 l/h @ 1 bar

This pump can run at 1,400 rpm with a minimum maintenance of its only four wear parts.

The free stator design offers lower friction between stator and rotor and avoids stator shear from occuring. This technology with lower starting torque prevents the stator and rotor from getting blocked even after multiple starts and stops.

Wobble Stator Pumps available up to 14,000 l/h @ 1 bar.

< 5% Sewage Transfer

Minimized NPSHr

The conical design of the body minimizes the pump´s NPSH and eases suction.

FeCL3 dosing

Metering Pump

Our lengthy experience and wide range of products enable our Technical Office to offer the most reliable solution depending on the product and the required flow.