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P Range

Plunger metering pump


The piston metering pump range is suitable for dosing liquids without particles up to 250 bar continuously and /or heavy duty.

  • Piston metering pump with alternating current electric motor.
  • Adjustable flow even when pump is running, changing the piston stroke. It is manually adjustable from 0 up to 100%.
  • The commanding mechanism is made up of a speed reducer (worm gears), an eccentric with ball bearings that makes the plunger move and therefore the piston as well. A spring makes the piston return.
  • All the mechanism is oil lubricated in an aluminium crankcase.
  • The liquid end includes easy access valves and automatic NI gaskets.
  • Pump and motor can be coupled by elastic coupling.


SpecificationsMax. FlowMax. Pressure
P Range1.400 l/h250 bar

*Higher flow and/or pressure available upon request