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Amphibious Dredgers

Amphibious dredgers can work in the presence of water or on any soil, whether solid or muddy.

The two side-tracked floaters allow the vehicle to move on the ground like a normal earthmoving machine, while the addition of the central float gives it a high stability during the floating phases on liquid surfaces, like a standard dredge.

Available in two versions (DRM and DRSP) amphibious dredgers can use pumps with excavators and other accessories, such as the cutter head.

Their extreme versatility makes them capable of tackling environments that would require the purchase of numerous machines.

With only one dredger, modular and easy to transport, even dredging in marshy areas becomes possible!

Maximum capacities of DRM and DRSP

  • DRM85/160: up to HY85/180HC pump size
  • DRSP85/160: up to HY85/180HC pump size