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Our experience in industrial processes



TecamySer®´s pumps are well established in several processing industries such as: olive oil, oenological, sugar, honey, meat, fish, fruits and cereals… 


Dewatered sewage, sewage to centrifugal process, sewage to digestion, filter press feeding and polyelectrolyte injection are the most usual applications. Our experience and our wide range of products offer a reliable and extensive selection.



In installations where other technologies have failed, the dredging pumps for heavy duty slurries work efficiently with very low maintenance. Their high chrome content casting and oversized thickness ensure high performance even in extreme conditions.


TecamySer®´s range of pumps meets API American Petroleum Institute standards. This ensures both a robust construction and the lowest possible maintenance that Oil & Gas applications demand.


TecamySer®´s range of pumps meets the highest hygiene standards that dairy, cosmetics and biotechnology industries demand.


TecamySer®´s range of pumps covers all industries needs: pulp and paper, mining, marine and offshore, ceramic, pigments, agricultural and farming. These and other industries are served with pumps ranging from metering up to high flow capacities.


Pumps for system integrators

At TecamySer® we are completely aware that the launch of new pumps demands experience, know-how and a totally innovating approach. That is why the TecamySer® […]

Spares for pump manufacturers

TecamySer®´s Technical Office designs customized stators and rotors for pump manufacturers, irrespective of the geometry required. After decades supplying the main domestic helical […]

API 676 Compliance

This compliance ensures the minimum maintenance for volumetric rotating pumps after purchasing the equipment by defining the phases of design, manufacturing, selection, […]

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