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Helical Hygienic Pump

Technical features

Designed in accordance with EHEDG and 3A standards, it offers the high level of sanitation required by the biotechnology, pharma, dairy or cosmetic industries. Its geometry eases drainage and avoids dead spots, facilitating CIP, Clean In Place and SIP, Sterilizing In Place cleaning processes .


Three joint configurations available: open, closed and flexible shaft.

  • Open joint with robust configuration in AISI 316L stainless steel (providing a higher level of sanitation; self-lubricated by the product itself, only suitable for non-abrasive products; and with easy replacement of parts).
  • Patented closed joint for its proven useful life (suitable for abrasive products; compact: better mechanical performance, higher solids passage; it includes wear resistant coupling rod bush as standard; and joint protector available).
  • Flexible shaft for non-fibrous products.


Components manufactured with the finish and maximum cleanliness required in accordance with EHEDG and 3A standards. Polished internal finish available to facilitate thorough cleaning inside the pump body.


Standard monoblock coupling. Bearing support module available for heavy duty and / or with many start / stops applications. Bearing module with monoblock coupling available for drives with standardized shaft.


Wide range of sealing options. Hygienic version available. Its assembly in an advanced position eases its cleaning and longer life.


Conexiones CIP disponibles para evitar la estagnación del producto y garantizar la total higienización.


Sanitary connections available DIN 11851 standard, DIN 11864, Clamp ISO 2852, Clamp ASME-3A, Clamp DIN 32676, RJT, SMS 1145, Garolla, and Maçon for the oenological industry.


Bench with adjustable anti-vibration feet. Cart and skids at the request of the project.


application examples

Dairy Products

Hopper Pumps

This installation is the result of a close cooperation between our Technical Office´s pumping experience and know-how of our customers´ applications. After 50 years of building up our expertise in pumping, TecamySer® has introduced helical pumps in new production processes, attending new requirements of different sectors. This has been possible because of the versatility helical pumps offer.