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Pumps for system integrators

At TecamySer® we are completely aware that the launch of new pumps demands experience, know-how and a totally innovating approach. That is why the TecamySer® Technical Office is made up of specialized technicians active in the fluid handling and compressed air markets since 1963. Its professionals keep a constant Quality and innovation commitment that consolidate a solid and dynamic project […]

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Spares for pump manufacturers

TecamySer®´s Technical Office designs customized stators and rotors for pump manufacturers, irrespective of the geometry required. After decades supplying the main domestic helical pump manufacturers, TecamySer®´s production team is specialized in manufacturing customized spare parts (stators, rotors and joint parts). TecamySer® enters into exclusive production agreements with its clients. The significant effort in research, development and […]

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API 676 Compliance

This compliance ensures the minimum maintenance for volumetric rotating pumps after purchasing the equipment by defining the phases of design, manufacturing, selection, mounting, hydrostatic and bench testing. From the design and configuration point of view, we can highlight the following aspects of the TecamySer® range: Limited circulation speed. It is necessary to reduce the circulation […]

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It seems like yesterday… and it was 1963

It seems it was yesterday when on 2 December 1963, I joined Mclaurin & Morrison, a multinational company, which set the path of my professional life. Tom Morrison was a bright and good Englishman with a great knowledge of Spanish industries. He noticed that applications in the food and beverage and mining sectors required other […]

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Wobble stator pumps Technical Advantages

TecamySer®´s wobble free stator pumps have a simpler mechanical design than conventional screw pumps. This eases its maintenance substantially. Its wobble stator design easily allows absorbing the centrifugal force generated by the rotor rotating around the joint This reduction in the supported efforts minimizes the wear and tear of rotor and stator and allow higher rotating […]

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TecamySer® Triton Range Advantages of the oversized hopper

TecamySer® Triton Range pumps with oversized hopper have a specifically designed rectangular inlet and feeding screw for applications involving highly abrasive and dry products. They are manufactured in 1, 2 and 4 stages depending on its estimated working pressure (6, 12 or 24 bar). The rectangular hopper is oversized in all pump sizes. This eases […]

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