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Pumps for system integrators

At TecamySer® we are completely aware that the launch of new pumps demands experience, know-how and a totally innovating approach. That is […]

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Spares for pump manufacturers

TecamySer®´s Technical Office designs customized stators and rotors for pump manufacturers, irrespective of the geometry required. After decades supplying the […]

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API 676 Compliance

This compliance ensures the minimum maintenance for volumetric rotating pumps after purchasing the equipment by defining the phases of design, […]

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It seems like yesterday… and it was 1963

It seems it was yesterday when on 2 December 1963, I joined Mclaurin & Morrison, a multinational company, which set […]

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Wobble stator pumps Technical Advantages

TecamySer®´s wobble free stator pumps have a simpler mechanical design than conventional screw pumps. This eases its maintenance substantially. Its […]

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TecamySer® Triton Range Advantages of the oversized hopper

TecamySer® Triton Range pumps with oversized hopper have a specifically designed rectangular inlet and feeding screw for applications involving highly […]

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