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MM Range

Mechanical Diaphragm


  • Diaphragm metering pump with electric motor and alternative movement.
  • Manually regulated 0-100% with 10-100% reliability.
  • Can run dry. Suitable for water treatment processes.
  • Small diaphragms and metallic crankcases allow pressure of up to 14 bars.
  • These pumps are suitable for the applications in which the dosed liquid contains small amounts of particles in suspension or that can crystallize because there are no friction points, no pistons, and no gaskets. There are no leaks when the liquid is pumped through the liquid end.
  • It has been designed for lower flow rates than 500 l/h. It is used to dose liquids that contain suspended solids with pressure under 14 bars.
  • In the liquid end, the diaphragm is directly connected to the plunger that makes it move, a spring pushes it back with every turn of the eccentric. No need for oil chamber, gaskets or piston.
  • Pump and motor are coupled by elastic coupling.
  • Special valves for viscous liquids.
  • 12 or 24V direct current motors available. They are used when there is no electricity and they are normally connected to a solar battery.
  • Filters, connections and flexible tubes are included.


MM Range500 l/h14 bar

*Higher flow and/or pressure available upon request