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Main features

They pump the medium in a controlled way in time. With reliability and precision of up to +- 1% 1 guaranteeing linearity, repeatability and accuracy. A wide range of flows and pressures enables our Technical Office to focus on type of products and dosing requirements. API 675 certification available. Up to 80 bar and 3.500 l/h.

ATEX Zone 2.

API 675.

Double diaphragm/sandwich diaphragm with leakage detection system available.

Automatic flow regulation: electronic servomotor, flame proof servomotor, and pneumatic servomotor or frequency converter.

Stroke counters available.

Pulsation dampener available.

Repeatability, strength, technically demanding and regulation complying.

Reliable in extreme conditions: marine platforms, corrosive atmospheres.

Know-how in chemical resistance, metering and hydraulics.