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MHS Range

Sandwich Hydraulic Diaphragm


  • Its featured sandwich diaphragm is made up of two diaphragms. A rupture translates into an excess pressure that sends an alarm sign through a pressure gauge or SPDT contact alarm with pressure switch.
  • The pump includes a safety valve to guarantee the diaphragm security against over pressure. The pump includes a safety valve to ensure the diaphragm security against over pressure and an oil recirculation valve. Each pump has a standard gearbox reduction system and is available with an IEC B14 electric motor that meets UNEL – MEC specifications.
  • The mechanism to adjust the stroke length is a positive stroke spring return that is operated by an eccentric.
  • The regulation can be manual or automatic (4-20mA; Profibus) or pneumatic (3-15 psi). The maximum flow of 3.500 l/h can be improved with multiplex versions.
  • All the series can be ATEX certified.


MHS Range1.000 l/h40 bar

*Higher flow and/or pressure available upon request