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Minimized production stops

JOINT: The heart of the Helical Screw Pumpup

JOINT: The heart of the Helical Screw Pump

Patented Joint

Patented joint due to its tested longer-life parts. Many years of research, development and innovation in materials and treatments have resulted in parts with high mechanical resistance and dimensional precision. The most suitable materials and hardening processes have been tested, bearing in mind the mechanical resistance that each part specifically requires.

Including wear resistant coupling rod bush as standard prevents other more expensive parts such as shafts, coupling rods and rotors from replacing.

  • Pin free from axial thrust. Its rotation minimizes wear and tear.
  • Guide bushes with coating on contact faces that minimize friction wear.

Minimum deformation hardening allows high precision clearance.

  • Newly designed rubber sleeve. A more robust coupling rod has resulted in a new joint configuration, with practically no elastomer exposure to product.


If two joints of the same size are compared, the patented joint has a coupling rod with 15% more section and height than the conventional joints.

Helical pumps joint

The design of the body depends on the dimensioning of the joint, which directly affects on the pump´s NPSH and solids passage.

  • In the conventional joint the rubber sleeve is exposed to the product. This unprotected joint leads to unwanted production stops to change it.
  • In the patented joint the retaining sleeve protects a large part of the rubber sleeve and hence the complete joint. This avoids torn rubber sleeves caused by solids or sediment in the body.

Robust joint

  • High mechanical resistance of the parts reduces drastically the number of stops.
  • The new retaining sleeve design offers less exposure to product.
  • More robust section for equal joint size.

Compact joint

  • Better solids passage.
  • Lower starting torque.



Stainless steel with induction hardening for industrial applications:

  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Chrome-coating blade effect avoided.
  • Low roughness.
  • Available in AISI 316L, AISI 304, Duplex, Uranus, among other materials.
  • Minimum deformation.
  • Available coatings: ceramic, tungsten carbide and chrome.

Longer life gear reducersup

Advantages of reducers

Especially designed for this range with reinforced roller bearings that neutralize the axial thrust typical of helical pumps.