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Helical Pump with Oversized Hopper and Blades Feeding System

Technical Features


Patented joint due to its tested longer-life parts:

  • Robust configuration in high resistant hardened steel.
  • Protected joint inside the conveyer avoiding any exposure to the product.
  • Includes wear resistant coupling rod bush as standard.
  • Compact: better mechanical performance, larger solids passage.
  • Better joint protection with new rubber sleeve design.


Rotor in induction deep hardening stainless steel as standard. Abrasion and corrosion resistance. It avoids the blade effect of chrome-coating. Other materials available for different applications.


Modular bearing housing available for heavy duty and/or multiple start/stops applications.


Modular configuration with dismountable cone between hopper and stator to ease maintenance.


Oversized hopper with special conveyer and single paddle bridge breaker system.


Robust section conveyer.



applications examples

Dewatered Sewage Transfer

Less production stops

This pump requires minimum maintenance. Its hardened stainless steel rotor with induction deep treatment and its patented joint® are highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Its rubber sleeve is totally protected inside the conveyer avoiding any exposure to the product. Its dismountable cone between hopper and stator eases its maintenance.

Biomass Transfer

Oversized Hopper + Robust conveyer

It is designed with an oversized hopper and a very robust conveyer that eases the intake of high dryness products. This pump offers minimum maintenance thanks to the high corrosion and abrasion resistant rotor that is manufactured in deep hardened stainless steel and to the joint design. The rubber sleeve is totally protected inside the conveyer and thus exposure to product avoided. The dismountable cone between hopper and stator makes maintenance easier.

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