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Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Main Advantages

Oversized inspection cover in cast iron GG25 and stainless steel CF8.

Modular bearing housing: this module can easily transform a monoblock pump into a bearing housing pump for heavy duty applications. Thanks to the robust double row conical roller bearings, the typical axial thrust of helical screw pumps is minimized and therefore maintenance as well. This modular solution also eases the substitution of the pump drive with a simple semi-elastic coupling.

Frequency converter WIFI IP65 with wireless panel control.  It is a complete system, easy to use, with induction feeding while placed in motor or with rechargeable lithium batteries. It is competitive and intuitive, with remote control as standard. Simply plug and enjoy it, use and decide whether to take the control with you. No installation is required.

Wide range of sealings: mechanical seal as standard and API682 also available. For a low maintenance, balanced and cartridge mechanical seals with or without quench are recommended.