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ATEX Certification

ATEX Certification

On 1 July 2003, EU Directive 94/9/EC on equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) was implemented.

It refers not only to electric equipment, but also mechanical devices such as pumps that may risk causing an explosion.

It is particularly relevant in sectors such as petrochemical, offshore oil platforms, distilleries, painting manufacturing and textile dyeing plants.

Our helical pumps range complies with ATEX requirements for use in Group II, category 2 and for applications in fields with explosion risk due to gas (Zone 1 and 2). Our ATEX-compliant pumps are labelled II 2G IIB TX.

  • II means Group II, equipment used in fields with explosion risk.
  • 1 = means Category 1, relates to internal pumps configuration.
  • 2 = means Category 2, relates to the installation site. It ensures high protection for fields with explosion risk.
  • G means Gas, atmospheres having explosion risk due to gas, steam, fog;zone 1 (2G) and zone 2 (2G or 3G).
  • IIB = The product is suitable for use in environments with gas type IIB (i.e. ethylene).
  • T4 = Class of permitted surface temperature (T3-T4). The user must take into consideration the temperature of gas ignition, vapour or mist in areas of work.