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Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors

Hydrovane Rotary Vane Compressors

Main Featuresup

  • Reliable highly developed rotary sliding vane technology: proven, simple and long-lasting – up to 100,000+ operating hours.
  • Long air end life (compressor): inexpensive Air End change required when correctly serviced with Quality parts and lubricant.
  • Quiet as standard: as low as 62 db. (A) in the open (unenclosed) format.
  • Low motor speed range: typically 1.450 – 2.220 rpm. à Compact – integrated design and slow speed.
  • High Quality air: typically <3 ppm. Clean, dry and pulsation free straight from the outlet – no receiver required as standard.
  • Intake modulation control: automatic regulation – compresses only the air demanded.
  • Easy maintenance: spin-off/spin-on oil filters and separators – quick, cost effective and minimal downtime.
  • Electronic control: total control – connectivity and greater flexibility.
  • Venting system (REVS inside): solenoid control reduces internal pressure to 2 bar – reduces off load power to 25% (Restart at any pressure and reduced start-up power consumption).
  • Regulated speed energy efficiency: typically 30-50% energy savings – air output exactly matches demand.
  • Packaging options: vertical (small footprint) or horizontal – giving customers a real choice.
  • Direct drive: constant efficiency – no drive losses.
  • White metal bearings: no roller bearings or metal parts to replace. MNo change outs – reduced maintenance and typically 100,000+ operating hours.
  • Proven history: over 50 years experience – over three quarters of a million satisfied customers.
  • Market leading extended warranty: up to 10 years (On the Air End) – total peace of mind with no unexpected costs.

Performance improvement: wear reduces over time – whereas in other compressor technologies wear increases as the compressor is used.

Reduced Energy Venting System (REVS)up

REVS is a pneumatic system that measures the internal pressure of the compressor and is automatically activated as soon as the compressor goes off-load. REVS uses solenoids to internally vent the compressed air down in the Air Ends RSU (Rotor, Stator Unit) to 2.0 bar (30 psi). There is an internal count down timer, dependent on model that can be adjusted:

  • 60 seconds on a 8 bar compressor
  • 90 seconds on a 10 bar compressor

Internally venting the compressed air means the compressor does not try to compress air already compressed, which results in energy consumption reducing to as low as 20%. Air is instantly available at anytime during this venting period (instant restart at any reducing pressure).
REVS also delivers low starting current by having the intake valve closed during start sequence. As the compressor starts with no internal pressure this means reduced motor power.
REVS only takes place when the compressor runs-on in an off-load condition.
The HV55 and HV75 horizontal enclosed compressor models have an earlier version of REVS known as Auto-idle. The Auto-idle system is a hydraulic system based on oil pressure and was also incorporated within our legacy horizontal models 18 kW to 45 kW (PSAS/PUAS).

Advanced Warrantyup

The Hydrovane Advance 10 warranty is valid for up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours* and is free to the compressor owner.

The compressors covered within the scope of the programme are between 4 kW to 75 kW (excluding gas compressors, HV04RM, HV05RM**, HV07RM** and non-standard products (NSPs), this includes a lifetime guarantee on the cast iron blades contained in the compression element, providing specified conditions are met.

Main Features:
Up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours* (covering the Air End) of extended warranty cover on new 4 kW-75 kW Hydrovane compressors. Package unit parts are covered for up to 5 years or 24,000 operating hours* only. Downstream equipment (Branded CompAir or Hydrovane) is covered for up to 2 years or 10,000 operating hours* only.

  • The ADVANCE warranty is free and includes all blades.
  • TecamySer® service agreement ensures accurate maintenance budgeting and maximum operating time.
  • Using Hydrovane parts delivered by TecAmySer®, service kits and lubricants maximise the compressor life and efficiency.