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Spares for pump manufacturers

Spares for pump manufacturers

TecamySer®´s Technical Office designs customized stators and rotors for pump manufacturers, irrespective of the geometry required.

After decades supplying the main domestic helical pump manufacturers, TecamySer®´s production team is specialized in manufacturing customized spare parts (stators and rotors). TecamySer® enters into exclusive production agreements with its clients.

The significant effort in research, development and innovation of the Teca Spares range, along with an experience of 50 years and thanks to a close cooperation with our customers, translates into the following technical advantages:


Development of the FDAG Compound. FDA approved food grade elastomer with high abrasion resistance.


High abrasion and corrosion resistant Teca IOX Rotors are manufactured in stainless steel with induction hardening.


Manufacturing with high mechanical resistant materials and non-deforming treatments that guarantee a tested longer life on rotating parts that compose the joint.

The adoption of strict internal processes guarantees the Quality in the production of each rotor, stator, coupling rod, shaft, tube, impeller, diaphragm or any other component of a pump. Industries with critical processes have trusted and relied on the Teca Range during decades.