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Where we come from

Since 1963 TecamySer®´s technicians have selected the most suitable pumps for each application.

Here and now

TecamySer®‘s new range of Pumps and Teca Spares are the result of years investing in R&D. Our extensive know-how in fluid handling, processes, materials and treatments ensures the best technical and economic selection for each application. This minimizes the overall lifelong cost of the equipment (including its initial investment, direct maintenance and indirect costs due to unwanted production stops).

TecamySer®´s wide manufacturing programme and international network provide helpful support for clients focusing on international markets and exports. All our documentation is translated into the main international commercial languages.

Our Goal

Our enthusiastic team´s goal is to continue developing more efficient manufacturing processes working with our most enterprising customers.


TecamySer, manufacturer of pumps and spare parts