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Pumps for system integrators

Pumps for system integrators

At TecamySer® we are completely aware that the launch of new pumps demands experience, know-how and a totally innovating approach. That is why the TecamySer® Technical Office is made up of specialized technicians active in the fluid handling and compressed air markets since 1963. Its professionals keep a constant Quality and innovation commitment that consolidate a solid and dynamic project targeted at worldwide companies demanding high technology, proven Quality and efficient service, without giving up on the flexibility and adaptation capacity to the market´s constant evolution.

Our technicians work to select and/or design the pumps that best suit the processes or production lines specifications.
TecamySer® is a trusted partner for a number of leading technology suppliers. Our products add value and enhance process efficiency in pumping.

TecamySer® offers OEM customers a full service pack through our value adding customer care that includes:


  • An extensive know-how in different OEM applications.
  • Reliable on-time deliveries.
  • Tailor-made product development.
  • Wide pump range.
  • Comprehensive after sales service.

The extensive Know-how of TecamySer®´s Technical Office is based on thousands of pumps delivered and proven solutions for the most demanding process applications. We are prepared to search the optimal solution for our customers.

See our product range. To receive an offer or get more information on our industry solutions contact your OEM technical team.