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TecamySer®, (Tecnología Ambiental y Servicios) is a 100% Spanish-owned independent company made up of technicians active in the fluid handling and compressed air markets since 1963.

Already in the hands of the second family generation, our commitment is to strengthen and enrich its founder’s legacy in close cooperation with TecamySer®’s magnificent team, its loyal customers and suppliers. Consistent with this goal, all family members have agreed unanimously a Family Protocol. This ensures that professional management and value growth will remain the basis for the further robust and consistent development of Tecamyser.

TecamySer®´s Technical Office (technicaloffice@tecamyser.com) has an extensive background in the selection of positive displacement pumps. It takes part in OEM programs and the most innovative projects in multiple industries where its experience is highly regarded.

The Teca Spares Department (tecaspares@tecamyser.com) has a professional team and an extensive in-house stock. This enables swift response to customer requirements. All products are manufactured in Europe to the highest EU Quality specifications. Teca Spares range includes spares for pumps of other manufacturers.

Our Metrology technician (calidadteca@tecamyser.com) checks the accuracy of each spare´s dimensions taking into account the tolerances defined at the design stage.