TecamySer®’s Technical Office serves pump manufacturers in the development of customized rotors irrespective of the exclusive geometry required.

Teca Rotors are also available for other helical trademark manufacturers*.

Teca Rotors are known for their long life when used in corrosive and highly abrasive applications. These include processes in key industries such as oil refineries, wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, paper mills, fish factories, marine industries and food processing. Also, in industries that work hard around the clock throughout the harvest season.

Manufacturing materials:

  • Teca IOX Rotors are manufactured in stainless steel with induction deep hardening. They offer better abrasive and corrosive resistance.
  • Teca AAR Rotors (Anti-Abrasive Rotors) specially developed anti-abrasion hardened material.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Hardened Carbon Steel.
  • Hard Chrome Steel.
  • Hard Chrome Stainless Steel.
  • Duplex.
  • Uranus.
  • Other special alloys also available.


  • Induction hardening.
  • Nitriding.
  • Vacuum.


Other coatings with lower roughness than chroming such as ceramic or tungsten carbide are available. Using these types of coatings avoids the blade-effect, which often happens with chrome-coating. Chroming accelerates the wear and tear of the rotor and stator for two reasons:

  • Chrome-coating does not protect the base material from corrosion.
  • The hardness difference between the chrome coating and the core material often causes micro fractures (cracking).


  • Teca IOX Rotors last longer than the hard chrome-coating rotors in abrasive and corrosive applications such as 20-25% dehydrated sewage. They are manufactured in stainless steel with induction deep hardening. Replacing the hard chrome-coating with our induction hardening treatment prevents the blade-effect from happening. It also eliminates the risk of pumping with a superficial hardness chrome-coating rotor and a much softer core material.
  • Teca AAR Rotors (Anti-Abrasive Rotors) are specifically designed for those extremely abrasive applications, where the customer also values minimizing unscheduled interruptions. For example, in oil refineries and solid sewage treatment plants.