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  • Applications with tough pumping conditions: Water with high content of solid, abrasive and heavy materials.
  • Construction: concrete transport. Bentonite preparation and transport. Mud, sand and gravel transport from tunnel.
  • Quarry: sand and gravel extraction. Cleaning of washing water tanks.
  • Mining: water pumping in gold, diamond and coalmines.
  • High density and abrasive liquid extractions.
  • Dredging: rivers, lakes, ponds, dams, canals, pools, etc.
  • Basin and docks maintenance.
  • Beaches and bays reconstruction and adaption.
  • Submarine channelling, piping, cabling, etc. Pontoon emptying. Docks, ports, rivers, lakes, dams, canals cleaning and dredging. River and sea sand extraction.
  • Environment: wastewater treatment, filtering sand regeneration.
  • Industry: decanting pool cleaning. Pumping of slag, dross, industrial oil waste, tar, heavy sewage, etc.
  • Blends homogenization and blends pumping.
  • Oil pipeline installations.
  • Maritime rescue.