PoliTeca P

Powder Polymer Preparation Station

Main Features

The PoliTecA station is designed for the automatic and continuous polymer preparation starting from powdered polyelectrolyte and water.

  • Flow from 550 l/h (double chamber) up to 6.000 l/h.
  • The diluted water reaches the station through an automatic pipe.
  • The polyelectrolyte stored in a hopper is dosed with a variable speed screw and discharged and dispersed on to the water cone.
  • The blend falls into the first preparation chamber and passes into the maturing and dosing chambers through a system of siphons.
  • The preparation and maturing chambers come with mixers and the dosing chamber has one as optional.
  • The chambers´ volume and the continuous work of the mixers guarantee a homogenous blend and a correct retention time for a good dilution.
  • The station is commanded by an electric control panel that works automatically assuring a correct preparation and dosing.
  • Stainless steel feeding screw with speed variation.
  • Electric control panel, integrated synoptic, automatic/manual operation with emergency stop and cables.
  • Heating jacket and inspection glass in discharge pipe.
  • Level sensor with warning alarm.
  • For higher capacities or different to standard please contact our technical department.


  • Polymer saving.
  • Preparation and dosing accuracy.
  • Space saving.


The use of polymers and flocculants clearly helps separation processes in applications such as:

  • Drinking and industrial water treatment.
  • Wastewater physical-chemical treatment.
  • Sewage treatment to improve performance of centrifuges and press filters.
  • Paper mills, chemical and petrochemical industries, mineral treatment.


  • Automatic hopper powder loading.
  • Minimum level sensor in the hopper.
  • Prefabricated post dilution stations.
  • Dosing chamber mixer.


ModelFlowA (Width)B (Length)
PoliTeca P5501000800
PoliTeca P8501500800
PoliTeca P11002000800
PoliTeca P15002500800
PoliTeca P200020001150
PoliTeca P300030001150
PoliTeca P400025001450
PoliTeca P500030001450
PoliTeca P600030001450

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