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Physical-chemical activated carbon features GMI 1240/1 S

GMI 1240/1 S activated carbon is based on a bituminous mineral material that offers a high hardness and excellent properties for use in water treatment.
The minimum values both in specific surface BET and iodine index are high (>1000 m²/g y >950 mg/g).
The iodine index is commonly used as a reference in water treatment applications because it gives an idea of the small-middle molecule size adsorption capacity on its surface. This size of molecule is most frequently eliminated in drinking water.
GMI 1240/1 S activated carbon normally has iodine indexes over 1000 mg/g, verified both by internal Quality controls and accredited and independent labs.
In order to achieve an efficient adsorption it is also important to verify the methylene blue index. It describes the amount of mesopores in activated carbon to eliminate middle sized compounds. In this group, herbicides, THMs, geosmins y metilisoborneols can be considered.

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