TecamySer® Triton Range Advantages of the oversized hopper

TecamySer® Triton Range Advantages of the oversized hopper

TecamySer® Triton Range pumps with oversized hopper have a specifically designed rectangular inlet and feeding screw for applications involving highly abrasive and dry products. They are manufactured in 1, 2 and 4 stages depending on its estimated working pressure (6, 12 or 24 bar).

The rectangular hopper is oversized in all pump sizes. This eases the feeding of the product and prevents blockages from happening. The oversized Auger design also ensures the smooth transfer of the product to the hydraulic area avoiding the creation of bridges. In addition, the thickness of the screw-paddles ensures their longer life even in applications with very abrasive products.

The design and position of the joint prevent the wear and tear of the rubber sleeve. It is protected inside the screw and avoids the exposure to the product.

The joint incorporates series coupling and guide bushes. This reduces the need to replace more expensive parts such as: coupling rods, shafts and rotors.

This range is supplied in monoblock version or with bearing housing configuration. The bearing housing module enables the end users to change from monoblock to bearing housing configuration at any time during the pump lifetime.

To minimize its maintenance, this type of pump also includes a dismountable cone in the section closest to the hydraulic area that allows easy access to the joint and the rotor-stator replacement.

by J. M. Martínez

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