TecamySer®´s wide range of pumps offers the best option to fulfil any customer´s need. There is no limitation to a particular type of pump.

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TecamySer® is the first choice for the European industry for pump maintenance with high-tech spares.

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The selection criteria intend to achieve exclusively the best technical/economical option ensuring the highest efficiency and profitability for the investment and life of the pumps. This includes products that are critical/toxic, corrosive, abrasive, high hygienic demanding, solid particle containing, flammable…

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Consult the Frequency Converter WIFI specifications with Wireless control panel. It is integrated on the top of the motor terminal box and it avoids any wiring installation.

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Compressed Air

TecamySer® has witnessed Compair Screw Compressors and Hydrovane blade compressors product development.

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Polymer Preparation Systems

Equipment designed for preparing automatically and continuously polymer mixtures.

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Activated carbon filters

Organic matter elimination: herbicides and pesticides. Elimination of odours and flavours.

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