Air Diffusers

Air Diffusers

The key point of TecA diffusers is in the efficiency of the competitive design, low installation costs and performance reliability in continuous and intermittent processes.

TecamySer®´s Technical Office designs the diffuser grid to offer the highest oxygen transfer per square meter. The high performance allows optimize and build competitive new installations and extension projects of existing municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The necessary data to prepare a study is:

  • Depth of water.
  • Basin dimensions.
  • Compressor flow.
  • Available Nm³.
  • The membranes are manufactured in different materials: EPDM, softener EPDM, silicon, NBR, etc. to suitably cover demands of both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, including water plants that handle effluents from animal processing industries.
  • The membrane fibreglass reinforced discs have an excellent chemical, temperature and UV ray resistance.


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